Our October 2017 Piano and Organ newsletter

Posted on October 3rd, 2017

Our October 2017 Piano and Organ newsletter, please take the time to read it!

Our website is www.pianos.ph and we are Philippine’s Piano and Church Organ Superstore located in Ronac Lifestyle Center Paseo de Magallanes in Makati. Our landline 02.801.3431 local 401 or global 0917.895.0011.
We sell Yamaha, Steinway, Pearl River and Kawai pianos but also create and rebuild Steinway and Bosendorfer grand pianos custom to match.
We also represent CONTENT digital church organs, see picture, they now have organs in bamboo consoles, they are beautiful! Although mainly made for churches, they can easily fit in your house too.
We will buy your piano. If you have a Yamaha, Kawai, Young Chang, Samick, Steinway, Bosendorfer  send us and email with asking price.
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See also all our concerts on Facebook, You can use our beautiful concert facility for free for your concert, student event or recital, many people did and everyone is happy about this opportunity.
Water damaged pianos and grand pianos.
With the recent flooding in Texas, here is our take on water in pianos. If it is an upright piano, almost any level of flooding will be a total loss. The cost for restoration will exceed the market value, keep in mind a new piano costs only P 169,000.00 these days. Often, on water damaged pianos, the framework is structurally compromised to the point that any level of repair work could not be warranted.
For a grand piano, a critical point is when the flood waters reach the height of the keys. There are still likely questions about the value vs. the repair cost, but once the keys get wet, you’ve usually exceeded the value even in valuable instruments.

We’ve restored some pianos that survived floods, fires, animal attacks, insects, etc. Almost everything must be evaluated on a case by case basis, but the money makes the final determination. If a client holds sentimental value over and above the value, then the financial limits of what can be done goes a bit higher.

Reasons to buy from us.
We know a lot about pianos. We not only sell new pianos but also rebuild grand pianos from the ground up (see 9 foot Steinway picture).
We have almost every decent brand of piano in stock, from Steinway to Yamaha and Kawai, dozens of them.
We sell new pianos like Pearl River for less than 1/2 priceof Steinway Boutique selling their Essex (same piano) and Yamahas for less than 1/2 price Yupanco sells their Yamahas. Come and check for yourself.
We have our own packing and delivery service and our own technicians, so you can rest assured when you buy our piano you will get it delivered in one piece and the technical aspects are well taken care of.
We have a 5 star rating on Facebook, something we think no other piano company worldwide has after 75 reviews; it means you can buy from us with confidence.
You, teacher, student, concert pianist, singer, can use our concert facilities at no charge for your recital.
Whole container of NEW Pearl River Pianos now in! 
Black, White, Mahogany, small grands, big grands, uprights, we now have a full container new Pearl River in our show room.
If you were waiting for a super good selection, we have the Model 150, 165, 188 and uprights galore now in for your viewing!
Pearl River, chosen as best piano in the world by the world piano dealers 2015 and 2016, best prices of any pianos in the Philippines.
See our inventory here, call us at (02) 801.3431 x 401 or at 0917.895.0011 or email eric@pianos.ph.
From our rebuilding department… 
We have just finished a Steinway Model A, the most beautiful Steinway we have ever had! COME AND SEE THIS NOW.
It is fully Brazilian Rosewood flamed wood that will dazzle you if you like wood. The piano, a 6’1″, was originally made in 1886 and we have fully restored it with some 10,0000 new Steinway parts, for a price less than a new Steinway S!
We are also restoring a model S and Hamburg M and we have in stock models S, M, O, A, B, D  not only black satin but also black shiny and also in the most wonderful wood colors.
To make Steinway pianos as good or better than new again, we replace the pin block, install all new Steinway action, shim and fill the original sound board, refinish the outside, do the trapwork, put in new pins and custom made strings and change all velts as well as new damper velt, then regulate, voice and tune.
Fact: Rebuilt Steinways are much better than new ones because of the high quality woods used in the earlier days. The price is also much better, for instance, a new Model S is 5.5M plus, ours is only 2.5M. Our prices are less than half of the new Steinways, and super high quality.

The pianos are mostly in our show room. Check our entire Steinway inventory. All are more than 50% off the new price! Call us at (02) 801.3431 x 401, call 0917.829.0016 or email willem@pianos.ph for info or go to our store to see for yourself, you will not regret the time spent. Open 10-6 every day.