The truth about the Brand New Pianos

Posted on September 14th, 2021

Yamaha Piano

You want to buy a piano, Of course you want to buy brand new piano because that’s what you will pay for. You go to google and you punch in “brand new piano” and low and behold, it stated, Lazada with “Yamaha U3, PHP 6,000.00 including delivery”. So you think, WOW, that’s not so much, but you want to call for second opinion and you remembered Manila Pianos because they specialized in used pianos and they might have one for PHP 3,000 or so.

You call Manila Pianos’ mobile number 0917 895 0011 and get someone on the phone whom you ask for a used Yamaha U3 and the guy tells you it’s around PHP 250,000!!! So you asked, how much is a new one? The guy tells you around PHP 600,000 pesos. Now you are all confused. What to heck is going on?

You hang up and try to do some more research. You call Yamaha and ask them the price of a new Yamaha piano. The person on the line tells me, oh, you can already buy a new one for PHP 299,000. So you asked, is that a U3 made in Japan, and the guy answers, no Ma’am, this is a new Yamaha U3 made in Indonesia. Now you are all confused, thinking Yamaha is made in JAPAN!

Due to the high prices of good materials and labor in Japan they started to outsource their product to Indonesia, same with Kawai pianos. Indonesia is China’s closest competitor in terms of price and quality. But unlike China, in which many small and large companies, domestic and foreign, are involved in piano manufacturing. All pianos made in Indonesia are the products of three large, foreign players: Yamaha, Kawai, and Samick. For the U.S. market, Yamaha makes an entry-level grand and most of their smaller verticals in Indonesia; Kawai makes all its small and medium-sized verticals there, and one entry-level grand; and Samick makes all its pianos for sale in North America there, both grand and vertical.

You wanted to buy a good quality Japanese piano and now it seems that you can only buy a Japan piano made in Indonesia for your budget. First your budget was PHP 6000, now it is PHP 250,000 what should you do???

According to our Google research, we found out that the superior Japanese pianos were produced in the 1970 and 1980’s as much for Yamaha as well as Kawai. We also found out that the best Korean pianos, like Young Chang, were owned by Yamaha and they produced superior pianos between 1985 and 2000.

The Yamaha Corporation was originally named Nippon Gakki, which translated means ‘Japan musical instruments’. It was changed to Yamaha Corporation in 1987. The First World War brought extraordinary benefits for Nippon Gakki, as it brought about an impressive development in the Japanese business. The piano organization had the option to accommodate markets that couldn’t get to conventional causes of supply, for example, Asian business sectors. 1,000 specialists were utilized and they were making 1,200 pianos per year by 1920. Such great deals records were kept up even after the conflict had wrapped up.

The Yamaha Serial Numbers

Yamaha Pianos have been manufactured in 4 locations:

  • Hamamatsu, Japan
  • Thomaston, Georgia
  • South Haven, Michigan
  • Jakarta, Indonesia

Therefore, there are four unique serial numbers for Yamaha pianos.

If the serial number starts with a “T” , the piano was fabricated in Thomaston, Georgia. If your grand piano is a GH1G, GH1FP, GC1G, or GC1FP, your piano was produced in Thomaston, Georgia.

If the serial number starts with a “U” , the piano was fabricated in South Haven, Michigan.

If your grand piano is a GA1E, DGA1E, GB1, or DGB1, your piano was produced in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If your piano is any other grand piano it was produced in Hamamatsu, Japan.

In the event that your upright piano is taller than 45″ it was fabricated in Hamamatsu, Japan.

In the event that your upright piano is 45″ or shorter and has seven numbers, it was fabricated in Hamamatsu, Japan after January, 1970.

The following are the serial numbers made in Japan.

Year    Serial Number

1917       1700

1918       1800

1919       1900

1920       2100

1921       2650

1922       3150

1923       3650

1924       4250

1925       4950

1926       5700

1927       6500

1928       7751

1929       8928

1930       10163

1931       11719

1932       13368

1933       15182

1934       17939

1935       19895

1936       22397

1937       25158

1938       28000

1939       30000

1940       31900

1941       33800

1942       35600

1943       37000

1944       38000

1945       38550


1947       40000

1948       40075

1949       40675

1950       42073

1951       44262

1952       47675

1953       51266

1954       57057

1955       63400

1956       69300

Jan-57   77000

Jun-57   83000

Jan-58   89000

Jun-58   90000

Jan-59   102000

Jun-59   111000

Jan-60   124000

Jun-60   134000

Jan-61   149000

Jun-61   164000

Jan-62   188000

Jun-62   207000

Jan-63   237000

Jun-63   261000

Jan-64   298000

Jun-64   329000

Jan-65   368000

Jun-65   420000

Jan-66   489000

Jun-66   540000

Jan-67   570000

Jun-67   638000

Jan-68   685000

Jun-68   758000

Jan-69   805000

Jun-69   885000

Jan-70   960000

Jun-70   1040000

Jan-71   1130000

Jun-71   1230000

Upright Pianos

Year Serial Number

Jan-72   1317500               

Jun-72   1391000               

Jan-73   1510500               

Jun-73   1604000               

Jan-74   1745000               

Jun-74   1834000               

Jan-75   1945000               

Jun-75   2036000               

Jan-76   2154000               

Jun-76   2247000               

Jan-77   2384000               

Jun-77   2474000               

Jan-78   2585000               

Jun-78   2698000               

Jan-79   2810500               

Jun-79   2825000               

Jan-80   3001000               

Jun-80   3121000               

Jan-81   3261000               

Jun-81   3354000               

Jan-82   3465000               

Jun-82   3551000               

Jan-83   3646200               

Jun-83   3724100               

Jan-84   3832200               

Jun-84   3989000               

Jan-85   3987600               

Jun-85   4095500               

Jan-86   4156500               

Jun-86   4241000               

Jan-87   4334800               

Jun-87   4387300               

Jan-88   4491300               

Jun-88   4557800               

Jan-89   4672700               

Jun-89   4735200               

Jan-90   4837200               

Jun-90   4897800               

Jan-91   4967900               

Jun-91   5005600               

Jan-92   5086800               

Jun-92   5127800               

Jan-93   5204100               

Jun-93   5224900               

Jan-94   5296400               

Jun-94   5330000               

Jan-95   5375000               

Jun-95   5415000               

Jan-96   5446000               

Jun-96   5482000               

Jan-97   5530000               

Jun-97   5556000               

Jan-98   5579000               

Jun-98   5598000               

Jan-99   5792000               

Jun-99   5833000               

Jan-00   5868000               

Jun-00   5892000               

Jan-01   5928000               

Jun-01   5949000               

Jan-02   5978000               

Jun-02   5993000               

Jan-03   6021000               

Jun-03   6043500               

Jan-04   6066000               

Jun-04   6088000               

Grand Pianos

Year Serial Number

Jan-72                   1358500

Jun-72                   1443500

Jan-73                   1538500

Jun-73                   1623000

Jan-74                   1753500

Jun-74                   1843000

Jan-75                   1935000

Jun-75                   2043000

Jan-76                   2153000

Jun-76                   2253000

Jan-77                   2362000

Jun-77                   2462000

Jan-78                   2580500

Jun-78                   2720000

Jan-79                   2848000

Jun-79                   2900000

Jan-80                   3040000

Jun-80                   3140000

Jan-81                   3270000

Jun-81                   3360000

Jan-82                   3490000

Jun-82                   3590000

Jan-83                   3710500

Jun-83                   3790400

Jan-84                   3891600

Jun-84                   3992300

Jan-85                   4040700

Jun-85                   4130400

Jan-86                   4214600

Jun-86                   4250700

Jan-87                   4351100

Jun-87                   4440000

Jan-88                   4561000

Jun-88                   4633500

Jan-89                   4671400

Jun-89                   4730800

Jan-90                   4810900

Jun-90                   4871000

Jan-91                   4951200

Jun-91                   5010100

Jan-92                   5071800

Jun-92                   5120700

Jan-93                   5181400

Jun-93                   5230000

Jan-94                   5291500

Jun-94                   5319000

Jan-95                   5368000

Jun-95                   5410000

Jan-96                   5448000

Jun-96                   5472000

Jan-97                   5502000

Jun-97                   5516000

Jan-98                   5588000

Jun-98                   5608000

Jan-99                   5810000

Jun-99                   5819000

Jan-00                   5860000

Jun-00                   5874000

Jan-01                   5913000

Jun-01                   5933000

Jan-02                   5963000

Jun-02                   5986000

Jan-03                   6019000

Jun-03                   6041500

Jan-04                   6064000

Jun-04                   6086500

So the trick is to find a GOOD USED JAPANESE piano. They are better in terms of quality and sound. Used pianos have completely cured wood which makes them last longer.

We at Manila Pianos has a wide collection of used pianos from different brands. We know how to rebuild pianos from the ground up, we assure that Pianos are in good shape prior to displaying them in our showroom. We have sold thousands of used Japanese pianos in Canada before we moved our facilities the Philippines.

We offer a full 10 year warranty on used Japanese products as we know the pianos have the highest quality inside and have been checked by our professional technicians, all 6000 parts! Send us a message today!

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Steinway & Sons – Model O

Posted on September 4th, 2021

Steinway & Sons - Model O

This Steinway & Sons – Model O ‘s rich tone and responsive action is found in a considerable number homes, schools of music and studios. With 5’10” (177.8cm) size, it was tagged as the “Medium” Grand. However, there isn’t anything medium about the sound from this Steinway.

For over a century and a half, the world’s most refined musicians have liked to communicate their music expression on a Steinway and Sons pianos. The lists includes the classics, jazz, and even pop music culture; the people who have formed the world’s music legacy. Today, in excess of 98% of the world’s dynamic professional piano players decide to perform on Steinway Pianos. The delight of playing and possessing a Steinway piano, in any case, isn’t the restrictive area of the virtuosi. Rather, it is a world open to all who share an affection for music, fine craftsmanship and enduring quality.

That which distinguishes Steinway pianos, more than all else, is summarized in our commitment to a solitary ideal: make the best pianos on the planet. It has never entered our psyches to think twice about. Where some have subbed mass-delivered, manufactured segments to speed creation or lessen costs, we apply innovations and new materials just when they give demonstrated upgrades in the piano. We hold fast to these standards for one explanation — compromise quality, and you risk the sound, the touch, and eventually, the respectability of the instrument.

The Technology

While we stick to the customary upsides of craftsmanship, Steinway & Sons – Model O has likewise reliably driven through advancement. The earliest pianos made by Steinway were recognized by their imaginative components — a large number of which characterized the advanced piano. Today, every Steinway piano is a summation of our obligation to advancement. Each joins more than 125 licensed components and cycles, including our protected Diaphragmatic® soundboard, Accelerated Action® and Hexagrip® pinblock.

A Steinway & Sons – Model O takes nearly a year to create. Nothing is hurried. Even the carefully selected woods that make the Steinway a fantastic piano requires almost a year to make. Indeed, even the carefully selected woods that make up the edges, top, soundboards, and activities remedy for quite a long time in Steinway’s yard, ovens, and molding rooms before they settle at an unbendingly indicated moisture content. The edge of the pianos comprises of layers of hard rock maple and with our chime quality, full cast-iron plate, withstands the gigantic measure of strain applied by the strings. The best acoustic-quality tidy is formed into the fragile bend of the Diaphragmatic® soundboard, which tightens delicately from the middle to the edge, guaranteeing the full, rich Steinway sound.

Ultimately, the pieces — massive and delicate — come together through the interweaving of the craft and technology until the instrument is complete. However it is not a Steinway until voicing gives it the special quality that makes it unique. In Steinway, every subtle nuance is drawn out by balancing and adjusting the keys and shaping, hardening or softening each hammer.

Steinway & Sons - Model O

The Quality of Steinway & Sons – Model O

In the end, the new piano is transformed from more than 12,000 individual parts into an instrument… and from an instrument into a Steinway.

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