Piano General Santos, Grand Piano General Santos

Posted on February 28th, 2017

Piano General Santos, Grand Piano General Santos

Piano General Santos, ManilaPianos Inc.  We bring the pianos to your home or institution and set it up. We refund you the airline ticket if you purchase a grand piano from us. Also see https://www.facebook.com/pianos.ph. We also sell CONTENT church organs, pipe organs, digital organs. Call us at 02.801.3431 x 401.

ManilaPianos Inc. is Philippine’s largest  piano center with a huge showroom gallery and piano restoration centre in Makati. We specialize in the rebuilding of Steinway & Sons, Bosendorfer, Yamaha and other grand pianos and the sale of new and used Fazioli, Pearl River, Schimmel, Yamaha, Kawai, Bechstein, Bosendorfer and other pianos. We provide high quality piano tuning, voicing and complete rebuilding services.

Pianos have entertained thousands over the last century or 2. When we think about this grand instrument, composers like Mozart and Beethoven come to mind. The piano’s got their boost in the hundred years between 1790 and 1890. Yes, during the industrial revolution. This is when stronger steel and iron was manufactured. Helping in building strong Iron frames and Steel
piano wire for good instruments.

The first company in Britain that manufactured pianos was the Broadwood. They made big and excellent sounding instruments. By 1820 however, the piano had moved to Paris through the Erard. Erard also invented the double action where the piano could be played even the key was fully up allowing for rapid playing.

Young Chang u 131

Young Chang u 131

All manufacturers used this technique as time went on.

The first piano’s had 5 octaves but by 1810 they had become 6 and by 1890 7. In the 19th century, it was to the piano’s were
tougher to operate. They required muscle power to depress the keys to produce good quality sounds. However, as time went on, softer strings were made that reduced this tension. Today, Electronic keyboards are simple to operate and give you the
option of a piano with out its bulk and weight.

Today, piano’s come in 2 versions: the grand piano and the upright piano. In the grand piano, the strings go away from the keys making them large. For these piano’s, big and spacious rooms with high roofs are required. Only then can they be enjoyed to the full.

The upright pianos are more compact and sleek. The strings extend up and down allowing for space conservation. The companyYamaha produces some of the best products in this line.

A modern day piano has 88 keys and miner. This key set represents all 7 octaves and the miners as well.

All modern musicians face a problem however. Due to the large evolution of the piano, the compositions of greats like Mozart
and Chopin are no longer meant for these instruments. The instruments that these composers used no longer exist. So a
long and arduous task of interpretation is required before they can be played on the modern pianos.

Not withstanding the above problem, pianos have still got that beautiful sense of music about them. Today musicians like Yanni
control your emotions using this instrument. Some even believe that piano music can help cure health problems. Indian
classical music has such measures in its music.

Pianos have always been attractive to people who like beauty and romance. They have been appealing to classical tastes as
well. Producing haunting, cheerful and beautiful music, the piano can never be forgotten. That is why so many people own them in their home and why even more wish they had one of their very own to sit at and play. There are not many things as relaxing as sitting down at your piano after a long hard days work.