Steinway & Sons – Model O

Posted on September 4th, 2021

Steinway & Sons - Model O

This Steinway & Sons – Model O ‘s rich tone and responsive action is found in a considerable number homes, schools of music and studios. With 5’10” (177.8cm) size, it was tagged as the “Medium” Grand. However, there isn’t anything medium about the sound from this Steinway.

For over a century and a half, the world’s most refined musicians have liked to communicate their music expression on a Steinway and Sons pianos. The lists includes the classics, jazz, and even pop music culture; the people who have formed the world’s music legacy. Today, in excess of 98% of the world’s dynamic professional piano players decide to perform on Steinway Pianos. The delight of playing and possessing a Steinway piano, in any case, isn’t the restrictive area of the virtuosi. Rather, it is a world open to all who share an affection for music, fine craftsmanship and enduring quality.

That which distinguishes Steinway pianos, more than all else, is summarized in our commitment to a solitary ideal: make the best pianos on the planet. It has never entered our psyches to think twice about. Where some have subbed mass-delivered, manufactured segments to speed creation or lessen costs, we apply innovations and new materials just when they give demonstrated upgrades in the piano. We hold fast to these standards for one explanation — compromise quality, and you risk the sound, the touch, and eventually, the respectability of the instrument.

The Technology

While we stick to the customary upsides of craftsmanship, Steinway & Sons – Model O has likewise reliably driven through advancement. The earliest pianos made by Steinway were recognized by their imaginative components — a large number of which characterized the advanced piano. Today, every Steinway piano is a summation of our obligation to advancement. Each joins more than 125 licensed components and cycles, including our protected Diaphragmatic® soundboard, Accelerated Action® and Hexagrip® pinblock.

A Steinway & Sons – Model O takes nearly a year to create. Nothing is hurried. Even the carefully selected woods that make the Steinway a fantastic piano requires almost a year to make. Indeed, even the carefully selected woods that make up the edges, top, soundboards, and activities remedy for quite a long time in Steinway’s yard, ovens, and molding rooms before they settle at an unbendingly indicated moisture content. The edge of the pianos comprises of layers of hard rock maple and with our chime quality, full cast-iron plate, withstands the gigantic measure of strain applied by the strings. The best acoustic-quality tidy is formed into the fragile bend of the Diaphragmatic® soundboard, which tightens delicately from the middle to the edge, guaranteeing the full, rich Steinway sound.

Ultimately, the pieces — massive and delicate — come together through the interweaving of the craft and technology until the instrument is complete. However it is not a Steinway until voicing gives it the special quality that makes it unique. In Steinway, every subtle nuance is drawn out by balancing and adjusting the keys and shaping, hardening or softening each hammer.

Steinway & Sons - Model O

The Quality of Steinway & Sons – Model O

In the end, the new piano is transformed from more than 12,000 individual parts into an instrument… and from an instrument into a Steinway.

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Church Organs by CONTENT Philippines Manila Cebu Davao

Posted on March 19th, 2017

Church Organs by CONTENT Philippines Manila Cebu Davao

Church Organs by CONTENT Philippines Manila Cebu Davao are imported by in Manila and distributed in the Philippines.

CONTENT organs are the most durable organs in the world because they are produced with all gold contacts sealed by plastic coatings reducing the influence of the weather to a minimum.

CONTENT presents Churches, Institutions, Conservatories, Music schools and private users a wide choice in digital classical organs. Over the decades innovation, quality and excellent craftsmanship with respect to tradition have created a strong brand image.

Many years of experience, a healthy balance sheet and a dedicated worldwide distributor network and trained employees are the backbone of the Content Organ Company.

Our organs meet the needs of the demanding organist on all continents of the globe and bring inspiration to musicians and listeners alike.

Our Invention Technology allows this sounds adequate and quality on a new level. The newly developed reverb allows at any time for the optimal experience from small house to big cathedral reverb.

As the first manufacturer CONTENT organs also allows you can move virtual in the space. A breakthrough! Finally, high-quality digital amplifiers, speaker system and an integrated 3D surround system guarantees an optimal reproduction of the sound.

CONTENT has now also in it’s line up the BAMBOO organ pictured here. This innovative organ is specially made for Asia. Call us at Manila Pianos at 02.801.3431 x 401 to discuss prices, options, pipe additions.

Manila Pianos Inc. Newsletter March 2017

Posted on March 15th, 2017

Manila Pianos Inc. Newsletter March 2017

Manila Pianos Inc. Newsletter March 2017, Welcome to our March/April 2017 e-newsletter full of great news!

Our website is and we are Philippine’s Piano and Organ Superstore located in Ronac Lifestyle Center Paseo de Magallanes in Makati. Landline 02.801.3431 Local 401, Globe 0917.895.0011

We especially welcome over 700 churches that are now part of our newsletter. We will dedicate this newsletter to your needs!

We sell CONTENT pipe organs and digital organs (see picture) they are very reasonable in price, last a long time because all their components are gold and sealed so no rust or climate can enter, have an automatic pedal, so every pianist can play it and are very reasonable in price! You can see them in our showroom.

And… if your church purchases a CONTENT organ, we will personally give you FREE organ lessons for 1 year so the organist can get familiar with pedal playing and organ stops, even the books are free, and I guarantee good results for any reasonable piano player.


Korg/Pearl River digital church pianos…

We are hearing it all the time; we would like an organ and/or good sounding (digital) piano our church, but they are so expensive, they don’t last long, or, we have no organist to play it! We solve these problems for you, look at the Korg here: 

This Korg PRK 80 is the latest technology, this development sound absolutely out of this world and is really really inexpensive at PHP 79,900.00 only and available in black or white and will last long because of its super modern design, no weather can get into it.

Fully equipped with midi in-out-thru, head phone jack, line out etc.

Come and see these beautiful pianos and organs for yourself in our show room. I will gladly demo them for you. For more info or personal appointment call or text to 0917.895.0011 or email us.


Get a piano for you or your church, we make it easy!

Manila Piano’s finest at PHP 159,000.00. Where can you find a brand new 115 cm high upright piano that sells at this price? Chosen as best piano in the world 2015.  A cheap Yamaha 108 cm made in Indonesia cost PHP 100,000 more for much less piano!

Young Chang u 131

We are seeing a lot of people make the mistake to go to the internet and just look for a Yamaha. They will find something in the range of PHP 100,000 or more, to find out later that the piano is 60-70 years old and just made to look good and the serial number was changed to pretend it to be a newer model.

We can assure you, a 45 inch Studio Upright piano of the quality of Pearl River is by far the best quality for money in the whole wide world, and you should come and try them out for yourself. A new piano for a used piano’s price. Our prices here in Manila, taxes incl. are less than in the USA! Here’s the USA site. And here’s the USA prices.


Want a different grand piano? Look at this.

You really want to have a “different” grand piano? A grand piano that nobody in Asia has? Come to our store now to play this magnificently restored Bechstein 6’4″ that was originally made in 1899, the wood is cured so this piano will not give any trouble. See more here.

We have worked on this magnificent piano for more than a year to restore it to its former glory. We have preserved the original sound board, put in a new open faced pin block and hammers from Steinway/Renner and mad it polished black with slight classy silver accents.

Is your church looking for a grand piano? We have lots of selection and if we don’t have what you want, we can bring it in within reasonable time.

This Bechstein is available for only 1.9M, which is a bargain, a new one, not quite as good, would sell for around 5M.


From our rebuilding shop, Steinway & Sons are here!

Special opportunity: Rare STEINWAY & SONS upright piano Model K (52″ see pic). This one sounds and looks better than a new one, with real ivory keys, cost PHP 3.5M when bought new in a cheap cabinet that these days is not even wood any more. This solid wood superb piano is available for PHP 1,695.000.00. Not one like this in the Philippines. More here.

Now is your time to buy a Steinway & Sons. Prices will increase again soon by some 10-15% like every year. We have an awesome selection of slightly used and rebuilt Steinways with all genuine Steinway parts at 50% off, models S, M, O, B and C.

We now also have THE LARGEST GRAND PIANO IN THE WORLD a brand new Mason & Hamlin 9’4″ model CC in our store. If you want to play it you can email or call us for an appointment. 1/2 the price of a Steinway D and twice the sound.

Fact: Rebuilt Steinways are much better than new ones because of the high quality woods used in the earlier days. The price is much better, for instance, a new Model S is 5.5M. A rebuilt one with genuine Steinway parts and cured wood looking like new sells for only 2.5M. Call us now for an appointment at 02.801.3431 x 401or 0917.895.0011 or just drop in and try them in our show room! Click our Steinway inventory for more details.

Note: These fine instruments we have are one of a kind only. They will never be available any more when sold unless we rebuild another one. The choice is clear, visit us or call us now.


Player Pianos Manila

Posted on March 5th, 2017

Player Pianos Manila

Player Pianos Manila, Dream a little with me for a moment about the possibilities of today’s player piano systems. Want to watch a piano concert on your big screen TV? Well now you can synchronize the concert with your living room piano so that it will play exactly what the performer is playing on stage. Take a look at the video. It’s like having the performer play the notes on the piano right in front of you.

Now available are player piano radio stations that will play your piano. Do you want to have your piano quietly playing in the background? Dial into the player piano radio online in whatever stylistic genre you like. As of this year, bluetooth con2D animated piano videotrol is now available. Select songs or adjust volume from your smartwatch or phone. (QRS system)

But wait, there’s more… The educational component now exists where you can have a teacher on one end of the country and a student at the other end giving lessons. Imagine having 2 pianos connected so that when the student or plays, the other piano resounds halfway around the world simultaneously.

Someone asked me recently, “Why would you ever want one of those? You already know how to play the piano.” My answer is simple – I thoroughly enjoy listening to others play the piano. At times I tire of my own playing and it’s like a breath of fresh air not only hearing but seeing the keys move from someone else’s playing.

I also love the idea of the historical component. Steinway was playing vintage music from archives of Gershwin when I was at the NAMM show (see NAMM highlights to see that recording). It’s like stepping back in time and rather than simply hearing a bad recording from the 1920’s of Gershwin playing, you can hear the recording like the day it was recorded except on your own piano.

Whether learning by rote, watching a televised concert in sync with your piano, listening to the radio or playing and recording yourself, the new generation of player pianos offer and even broader scope for the enjoyment of the piano.

While prices are considerable for current technology, I believe that with time these will become more affordable and attainable so that many can enjoy the integration of a piano being played more often in the home environment.