Church Organ Philippines

Posted on November 10th, 2021

We started our Piano business in Canada 35 years ago and the very first sale we had was a Cantor Church Organ. Organs are mostly used in houses of worship due to the heavenly sound it produces. It was called “Pipe Organ” in the Renaissance Era since it uses pipes and produces sound by driving pressurized air into it. Modern Organs are now digital sampling and simplified making them applicable to home use.

Church Organs

Manila Pianos Inc has a wide collection of Digital Sampling Organs starting from two manuals up to three manual hybrid pipe organs. Click here to see the full inventory of organs.

Johannus – Opus 900 Church Organ

The first organ to come into the showroom, and the first to go is this Johannus – Opus 900 Church Organ. We recently delivered this Church Organ to Valenzuela City, Philippines for home application. The Johannus – Opus 900 is a two-manual organ. It can be connected to Aux-In, MIDI IN, MIDI MOD, MIDI SEQ, and Aux-Out. Volume can be adjustable by turning the organ volume control knobs and reverb volume can be smoothly adjusted with the cathedral volume knob. The organ has three expression pedals. One is configured as a swell pedal for the Great/Pedal or Choir/Great/Pedal, one is configured as a swell pedal for the Swell, and one is configured as a crescendo pedal. With the use of the Johannus Menu, the function of the expression pedals can be changed. Using an expression pedal which is set as a swell pedal will next to the volume also changes the timbre of the stops. By this, the effect of the swell box shutters of a pipe organ is simulated.

Opus 900 Church Organ

Using an expression pedal which is set as a swell pedal will next to the volume also changes the timbre of the stops. By this, the effect of the swell box shutters of a pipe organ is simulated.

Opus 900 -Thumb Piston Church Organ

The organ has 12 intonations, divided into four styles: American Classic (A.C.), Symphonic (SYM), Baroque (BAR), and Historic (HIS), and three variations per style: Standard, Solo (SOLO), and Trio (TRIO). The stops are activated via stop switches, pre-programmed memory locations, capture memory locations, or the crescendo pedal. To see the price of this Organ, Click Here.

Viscount – Jubileum 230 Church Organ

Second to our lineup is our Viscount, Jubileum 230 also known as Domus. A two-manual organ, two by five octaves, full pedalboard, transposer, two separate swell pedals, general volume control switch, automatic pedal, factory presets PP to FF for proficient pianist, pedal illumination. It also has MIDI out and AUX-in. Condition is almost new finished in beautiful dark Mahogany color. Below are its disposition.

Subbas 16′Principal 16′Bourdon 8′ 
Principal 8′ Principal 8′ Viola 8′ 
Bourdon 8′ Covered 8′Flute 4′
Octave 4′ Cornet 4′ Flautino 2′ 
Bassoon 16′Stirrer flute 4′Sesquialter II 
Regal 4′ Super Octave 2′Cymbal III
Couple PED – MAN IQuint 1 1/3′ Celeste II 
Coupling PED – MAN 2Mixture IIIBassoon 16′
MIDI to PedalTrumpet 8′Oboe 8′
Tremulant HotelsClarion 4′ 
Torque I – 2Tremulant Hotels
Church Organ

On the left side of the organ, it has knobs that control Manual 1 volume, pitch, pedal volume, and digital reverb. Below is the specification.

Church Organ

Shutter: Yes

Orchestral Voices: Optional

Sound Style: Baroque / Romantic

Color: Dark Mahogany

Number of Keyboards: 2 manual

Pedal: 30-Tone

Type of Register: Toggle Registers with illumination

To see the price of this Organ, Click Here.

Church Organ side by side

Viscount – Recitative Church Organ

Viscount - Recitative

Amongst the collection of our Church Organs, the Viscount Recitative has the most retro look. You can choose swell and pedal styles on its knobs.

You can choose different styles of its knobs. Two by Five Octaves, Full Pedal Board, Transposer, Two separate swell pedals, General volume control switch, Automatic pedal, factory presets PP to FF for proficient pianist, pedal illumination,, MIDI Out, Aux-In.

To see the price of this Organ, Click Here.

Knobs - Viscount Recitative

• 22 digitally sampled voices
• Wooden pin registry
• 2 five-octave (C – c””) manuals
• Blind
• 32-tone pedal C – g’
• Manual and pedal connectors
• Tremolo, smooth amplitude and frequency adjustment
• 2 amplifiers of 80W, 6 speakers
• Chorus
• Reverberation with variable intensity control
• Transpozer -3 to +2
• Tuning in the range of 1 tone.
• 2 pedals for the volume of manuals I and pedal and II

Johannus – Opus 540 Church Organ

opus 540 Church Organ

The second-largest Organ in our collection is this Jonannus – Opus 540. Equipped with three – Manual keyboard, full pedalboard.

Johannus’ best-selling organ for decades, thanks to its beautiful sound and contemporary console. It is a powerful instrument and at the same time elegant, making it the organ that will make you feel at ease.

Keys - opus 540


To see the price of this Organ, Click Here.

Johannus – Opus 6

Two-Manual organ for your home and small churches. Opus 6 is one of our most affordable organs. Decent quality, unabused. The Opus 6 has a headphone jack so practicing can be relatively quiet apart from pedal noise.

Church Organ opus 6

• 31 votes
• 30-tone pedal C – f’
• Manual and pedal connectors: I-II, P-I, P-II
• Tremolo
• Smooth adjustment of the volume of the manual
• Echo
• Fixed combinations: PP-P-MF-F-FF-T
• TA cancellation of uvular voices
• HR manual registration

To see the price of this Organ, Click Here.

Push knobs


Principal 8′
Gamba 8′
Rohr Flute 8′
Octave 4′
Coppel Flute 4′
Flute Twelfth 2 2/3′
Octave 2′
Wald Flute 2′
Regal 8′
Schalmei 4′
Great Bourdon 16′
Principal 8′
Stopped Flute 8′
Octave 4′
Twelfth 2 2/3′
Octave 2′
Flute 2′
Super Quint 1 1/3′

Cornet IV rks
Sesquialter II rks
Mixture V rks
Fagotto 16′
Trumpet 8′


Accessories Tremulant
Swell Forte
Pedal Forte
Unenclosed Gt
Various thumb pistons
Swell pedal

All our home/church organs are 1 year-warranty with free delivery within Metro Manila. We do shipping too! We believe that our prices are super reasonable and inexpensive. All these organs came from Europe. We also have a huge organ equipped with windpipes that we will be talking about on the next Blog! Thank you for your support! Come to our store and appreciate our collection.



02 8801 3431 local 401
0917 895 0011

Showroom Location:

4F, Ronac Lifestyle Center, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City.

Opens from 10 AM to 5 PM




The truth about the Brand New Pianos

Posted on September 14th, 2021

Yamaha Piano

You want to buy a piano, Of course you want to buy brand new piano because that’s what you will pay for. You go to google and you punch in “brand new piano” and low and behold, it stated, Lazada with “Yamaha U3, PHP 6,000.00 including delivery”. So you think, WOW, that’s not so much, but you want to call for second opinion and you remembered Manila Pianos because they specialized in used pianos and they might have one for PHP 3,000 or so.

You call Manila Pianos’ mobile number 0917 895 0011 and get someone on the phone whom you ask for a used Yamaha U3 and the guy tells you it’s around PHP 250,000!!! So you asked, how much is a new one? The guy tells you around PHP 600,000 pesos. Now you are all confused. What to heck is going on?

You hang up and try to do some more research. You call Yamaha and ask them the price of a new Yamaha piano. The person on the line tells me, oh, you can already buy a new one for PHP 299,000. So you asked, is that a U3 made in Japan, and the guy answers, no Ma’am, this is a new Yamaha U3 made in Indonesia. Now you are all confused, thinking Yamaha is made in JAPAN!

Due to the high prices of good materials and labor in Japan they started to outsource their product to Indonesia, same with Kawai pianos. Indonesia is China’s closest competitor in terms of price and quality. But unlike China, in which many small and large companies, domestic and foreign, are involved in piano manufacturing. All pianos made in Indonesia are the products of three large, foreign players: Yamaha, Kawai, and Samick. For the U.S. market, Yamaha makes an entry-level grand and most of their smaller verticals in Indonesia; Kawai makes all its small and medium-sized verticals there, and one entry-level grand; and Samick makes all its pianos for sale in North America there, both grand and vertical.

You wanted to buy a good quality Japanese piano and now it seems that you can only buy a Japan piano made in Indonesia for your budget. First your budget was PHP 6000, now it is PHP 250,000 what should you do???

According to our Google research, we found out that the superior Japanese pianos were produced in the 1970 and 1980’s as much for Yamaha as well as Kawai. We also found out that the best Korean pianos, like Young Chang, were owned by Yamaha and they produced superior pianos between 1985 and 2000.

The Yamaha Corporation was originally named Nippon Gakki, which translated means ‘Japan musical instruments’. It was changed to Yamaha Corporation in 1987. The First World War brought extraordinary benefits for Nippon Gakki, as it brought about an impressive development in the Japanese business. The piano organization had the option to accommodate markets that couldn’t get to conventional causes of supply, for example, Asian business sectors. 1,000 specialists were utilized and they were making 1,200 pianos per year by 1920. Such great deals records were kept up even after the conflict had wrapped up.

The Yamaha Serial Numbers

Yamaha Pianos have been manufactured in 4 locations:

  • Hamamatsu, Japan
  • Thomaston, Georgia
  • South Haven, Michigan
  • Jakarta, Indonesia

Therefore, there are four unique serial numbers for Yamaha pianos.

If the serial number starts with a “T” , the piano was fabricated in Thomaston, Georgia. If your grand piano is a GH1G, GH1FP, GC1G, or GC1FP, your piano was produced in Thomaston, Georgia.

If the serial number starts with a “U” , the piano was fabricated in South Haven, Michigan.

If your grand piano is a GA1E, DGA1E, GB1, or DGB1, your piano was produced in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If your piano is any other grand piano it was produced in Hamamatsu, Japan.

In the event that your upright piano is taller than 45″ it was fabricated in Hamamatsu, Japan.

In the event that your upright piano is 45″ or shorter and has seven numbers, it was fabricated in Hamamatsu, Japan after January, 1970.

The following are the serial numbers made in Japan.

Year    Serial Number

1917       1700

1918       1800

1919       1900

1920       2100

1921       2650

1922       3150

1923       3650

1924       4250

1925       4950

1926       5700

1927       6500

1928       7751

1929       8928

1930       10163

1931       11719

1932       13368

1933       15182

1934       17939

1935       19895

1936       22397

1937       25158

1938       28000

1939       30000

1940       31900

1941       33800

1942       35600

1943       37000

1944       38000

1945       38550


1947       40000

1948       40075

1949       40675

1950       42073

1951       44262

1952       47675

1953       51266

1954       57057

1955       63400

1956       69300

Jan-57   77000

Jun-57   83000

Jan-58   89000

Jun-58   90000

Jan-59   102000

Jun-59   111000

Jan-60   124000

Jun-60   134000

Jan-61   149000

Jun-61   164000

Jan-62   188000

Jun-62   207000

Jan-63   237000

Jun-63   261000

Jan-64   298000

Jun-64   329000

Jan-65   368000

Jun-65   420000

Jan-66   489000

Jun-66   540000

Jan-67   570000

Jun-67   638000

Jan-68   685000

Jun-68   758000

Jan-69   805000

Jun-69   885000

Jan-70   960000

Jun-70   1040000

Jan-71   1130000

Jun-71   1230000

Upright Pianos

Year Serial Number

Jan-72   1317500               

Jun-72   1391000               

Jan-73   1510500               

Jun-73   1604000               

Jan-74   1745000               

Jun-74   1834000               

Jan-75   1945000               

Jun-75   2036000               

Jan-76   2154000               

Jun-76   2247000               

Jan-77   2384000               

Jun-77   2474000               

Jan-78   2585000               

Jun-78   2698000               

Jan-79   2810500               

Jun-79   2825000               

Jan-80   3001000               

Jun-80   3121000               

Jan-81   3261000               

Jun-81   3354000               

Jan-82   3465000               

Jun-82   3551000               

Jan-83   3646200               

Jun-83   3724100               

Jan-84   3832200               

Jun-84   3989000               

Jan-85   3987600               

Jun-85   4095500               

Jan-86   4156500               

Jun-86   4241000               

Jan-87   4334800               

Jun-87   4387300               

Jan-88   4491300               

Jun-88   4557800               

Jan-89   4672700               

Jun-89   4735200               

Jan-90   4837200               

Jun-90   4897800               

Jan-91   4967900               

Jun-91   5005600               

Jan-92   5086800               

Jun-92   5127800               

Jan-93   5204100               

Jun-93   5224900               

Jan-94   5296400               

Jun-94   5330000               

Jan-95   5375000               

Jun-95   5415000               

Jan-96   5446000               

Jun-96   5482000               

Jan-97   5530000               

Jun-97   5556000               

Jan-98   5579000               

Jun-98   5598000               

Jan-99   5792000               

Jun-99   5833000               

Jan-00   5868000               

Jun-00   5892000               

Jan-01   5928000               

Jun-01   5949000               

Jan-02   5978000               

Jun-02   5993000               

Jan-03   6021000               

Jun-03   6043500               

Jan-04   6066000               

Jun-04   6088000               

Grand Pianos

Year Serial Number

Jan-72                   1358500

Jun-72                   1443500

Jan-73                   1538500

Jun-73                   1623000

Jan-74                   1753500

Jun-74                   1843000

Jan-75                   1935000

Jun-75                   2043000

Jan-76                   2153000

Jun-76                   2253000

Jan-77                   2362000

Jun-77                   2462000

Jan-78                   2580500

Jun-78                   2720000

Jan-79                   2848000

Jun-79                   2900000

Jan-80                   3040000

Jun-80                   3140000

Jan-81                   3270000

Jun-81                   3360000

Jan-82                   3490000

Jun-82                   3590000

Jan-83                   3710500

Jun-83                   3790400

Jan-84                   3891600

Jun-84                   3992300

Jan-85                   4040700

Jun-85                   4130400

Jan-86                   4214600

Jun-86                   4250700

Jan-87                   4351100

Jun-87                   4440000

Jan-88                   4561000

Jun-88                   4633500

Jan-89                   4671400

Jun-89                   4730800

Jan-90                   4810900

Jun-90                   4871000

Jan-91                   4951200

Jun-91                   5010100

Jan-92                   5071800

Jun-92                   5120700

Jan-93                   5181400

Jun-93                   5230000

Jan-94                   5291500

Jun-94                   5319000

Jan-95                   5368000

Jun-95                   5410000

Jan-96                   5448000

Jun-96                   5472000

Jan-97                   5502000

Jun-97                   5516000

Jan-98                   5588000

Jun-98                   5608000

Jan-99                   5810000

Jun-99                   5819000

Jan-00                   5860000

Jun-00                   5874000

Jan-01                   5913000

Jun-01                   5933000

Jan-02                   5963000

Jun-02                   5986000

Jan-03                   6019000

Jun-03                   6041500

Jan-04                   6064000

Jun-04                   6086500

So the trick is to find a GOOD USED JAPANESE piano. They are better in terms of quality and sound. Used pianos have completely cured wood which makes them last longer.

We at Manila Pianos has a wide collection of used pianos from different brands. We know how to rebuild pianos from the ground up, we assure that Pianos are in good shape prior to displaying them in our showroom. We have sold thousands of used Japanese pianos in Canada before we moved our facilities the Philippines.

We offer a full 10 year warranty on used Japanese products as we know the pianos have the highest quality inside and have been checked by our professional technicians, all 6000 parts! Send us a message today!

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Steinway & Sons – Model O

Posted on September 4th, 2021

Steinway & Sons - Model O

This Steinway & Sons – Model O ‘s rich tone and responsive action is found in a considerable number homes, schools of music and studios. With 5’10” (177.8cm) size, it was tagged as the “Medium” Grand. However, there isn’t anything medium about the sound from this Steinway.

For over a century and a half, the world’s most refined musicians have liked to communicate their music expression on a Steinway and Sons pianos. The lists includes the classics, jazz, and even pop music culture; the people who have formed the world’s music legacy. Today, in excess of 98% of the world’s dynamic professional piano players decide to perform on Steinway Pianos. The delight of playing and possessing a Steinway piano, in any case, isn’t the restrictive area of the virtuosi. Rather, it is a world open to all who share an affection for music, fine craftsmanship and enduring quality.

That which distinguishes Steinway pianos, more than all else, is summarized in our commitment to a solitary ideal: make the best pianos on the planet. It has never entered our psyches to think twice about. Where some have subbed mass-delivered, manufactured segments to speed creation or lessen costs, we apply innovations and new materials just when they give demonstrated upgrades in the piano. We hold fast to these standards for one explanation — compromise quality, and you risk the sound, the touch, and eventually, the respectability of the instrument.

The Technology

While we stick to the customary upsides of craftsmanship, Steinway & Sons – Model O has likewise reliably driven through advancement. The earliest pianos made by Steinway were recognized by their imaginative components — a large number of which characterized the advanced piano. Today, every Steinway piano is a summation of our obligation to advancement. Each joins more than 125 licensed components and cycles, including our protected Diaphragmatic® soundboard, Accelerated Action® and Hexagrip® pinblock.

A Steinway & Sons – Model O takes nearly a year to create. Nothing is hurried. Even the carefully selected woods that make the Steinway a fantastic piano requires almost a year to make. Indeed, even the carefully selected woods that make up the edges, top, soundboards, and activities remedy for quite a long time in Steinway’s yard, ovens, and molding rooms before they settle at an unbendingly indicated moisture content. The edge of the pianos comprises of layers of hard rock maple and with our chime quality, full cast-iron plate, withstands the gigantic measure of strain applied by the strings. The best acoustic-quality tidy is formed into the fragile bend of the Diaphragmatic® soundboard, which tightens delicately from the middle to the edge, guaranteeing the full, rich Steinway sound.

Ultimately, the pieces — massive and delicate — come together through the interweaving of the craft and technology until the instrument is complete. However it is not a Steinway until voicing gives it the special quality that makes it unique. In Steinway, every subtle nuance is drawn out by balancing and adjusting the keys and shaping, hardening or softening each hammer.

Steinway & Sons - Model O

The Quality of Steinway & Sons – Model O

In the end, the new piano is transformed from more than 12,000 individual parts into an instrument… and from an instrument into a Steinway.

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Posted on August 26th, 2021


We have a great Yamaha – C7 Grand Piano in our store in mint condition available to be purchased for PHP 895.000.00 A new C7 at Yamaha will set you back PHP 2,795.000 and on this previously loved one the wood is already cured!

Done with decent polished ebony, preferred quality over most pianos you can purchase. This Yamaha Piano is unquestionably made in Japan. Utilized in recordings here in our store due to its glorious sound quality.

Yamaha grand pianos have acquired a worldwide standing as instruments of exceptional quality and worth. Prestigious for their smooth expressive reach, and for their solid exhibition over the long run, they assume a significant part in the performing expressions and music schooling. They are reliable among the pianos. Most enthusiastically suggested by piano tuner/professionals and a main selection of musicians at all levels, from one side of the planet to the other.

The Yamaha reputation lays on a very long term custom of firm consideration and craftsmanship, upheld by an unequaled scope of incorporated aptitude, first in class creation facilities, and an astoundingly gifted, knowledgeable and devoted labor force. Our solidarity in the full scope of important advances permits us to create essentially all aspects of each piano ourselves – a methodology that has assisted us with starting huge advances and set what has for quite some time been perceived as the business standard in quality control.

An open exchange with proficient performers creates priceless input that, related to refined research offices, has prompted ceaseless advances in each new age of Yamaha pianos. Our worldwide network offers Yamaha clients extra benefits, from cost-productive local assembling to the prepared accessibility of deals and backing all through the greater part of the world.

Adjusting state of the art innovation and development with the remarkable abilities of master craftsmen, Yamaha pianos have come to address an unparalleled norm of reasonable greatness. It is a standard that keeps on producing ever-higher praise and settle on Yamaha great pianos the best option of a large number of the world’s greatest musicians.

A success of ageless artistry and technical sophistication.

The present G Series grands likewise consolidate the entirety of the quality development highlights found in earlier G Series models.

Edges are framed from layers of exclusive woods, covered into shape in unique presses, then, at that point prepared to permit the wood to balance out. Solid back posts are participated in a radial design and fitted to the edge utilizing outstandingly solid and stable dovetail joints, upgrading both the pianos toughness and the uprightness of the acoustic chamber.

Iron plates, the interior frame of the piano, are projected in a vacuum shaping cycle that basically disposes of defects and flaws, then, at that point joined with a movable mounting framework that permits exact command over string down bearing – basic for the best apparent exhibition. A metal tone collector associates the back presents on the plate, reflecting sound energy back through the case for a more full, more supported reverberation.

Soundboards are created from select clear spruce and cured in a restrictive cycle that guarantees a solid, natural crown. This is additionally built up with full-length spruce ribs, safely mortised and glued into the inner rim. Bridges are framed from fine-grained hardwoods picked for ideal sound transmission, and unequivocally scored and glued to convey the strings.

Created from special steel and pure copper wire, strings are introduced with the guide of unique tool for steady, in any event, tensioning. Duplex scaling, which tunes non-‘talking’ lengths of the strings, advances essential tones with corresponding sounds.

Pinblocks, where the tuning pins are set, are produced using layers of thick hardwoods, fortified in an interaction that seals against variation of humidity. The actual pins are machine cut, as opposed to roll-squeezed, threads, to guarantee the best hold in the pinblock, and are nickel plated to oppose corrosion. Along with the respectability of primary segments, these provisions help to give Yamaha pianos an extraordinarily undeniable degree of tuning dependability, guaranteeing better strong among tunings and requiring negligible standard support.

The incredible Yamaha action mechanism is built to precise tolerance on aluminum alloy rails – unaffected by changes in temperature or moisture – for eminent reaction, fast reiteration and long difficult situations free playing pleasure. Intended for each model, hammers are produced using top-quality felt, glued and T-fastened to hardwood heads and shanks, profiled to coordinate with the attributes of each model. Matched with key sets cut from strong spruce blocks are fitted with sturdy hardwood key buttons, faced with ideal material surfaces, and definitely balanced and laser-evened out for uniform travel and reaction.

Yamaha piano cabinetry is planned and developed for long-lasting magnificence, with a multi-layer polyester or lacquer finish that gives greatest protection against wear, sun, heat, spills and moisture. All fittings, including strong brass pedals and casters, are designed for both excellence and functionality, with extraordinary defensive elements like delicate close fallboards and lid prop security stops. Finally, every Yamaha piano goes through exceptionally thorough preparatory procedures. Talented professional tuners, ‘voice’ and regulates each instrument more than once throughout the span of development, helped by a ‘mechanical piano player’ that plays every keys hundreds of times, enabling the strings and action components to normalize between these procedures.


Great Steinway Grand Pianos for sale NOW at Manila Pianos INC.

Posted on August 17th, 2021


At the moment we have 4 great STEINWAY grand pianos for sale. Of course, the Steinway dealer will try to say anything to discourage you from coming to our store, but maybe because of that you should check them out!

We also have a Steinway M which is a 5’7′” medium grand made in Hamburg and also rebuilt with only genuine Steinway parts selling for P
There is no used or new Steinway Hamburg for sale in the Philippines. In USA the going price is somewhere between 70 and 95.000 US $

Then we are right now working on another Steinway M made in New York, we have imported all the parts from Germany and this piano will possibly be ready by October 2021 and sell somewhere in the 2.750.000.00 range. The final color can be determined by you, the buyer if you buy it NOW, if not it will be done in Mat Black like all Steinways are before year 2000.

Then we have a Steinway model O Hamburg which is 5′ 10.5″ in pure white, the same one owned by John Lennon ( the new Steinway L in John Lennon edition is over P so this one is a deal for P 3.500.000.00

Our pianos, including Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin and other fine pianos are really set up to be the highest quality possible and come with long warranties. We deliver nationwide and after delivery we will be there to tune and inspect the piano you invested in.

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Scam Pianos Philippines

Posted on February 9th, 2018

Scam Pianos Philippines.

Scam Pianos Philippines, there were some on display when I visited Greenbelt 3 last night, there was a piano booth at the entrance of Greenbelt 3 featuring grand and upright pianos and of course, as a piano enthusiast, I right away went to the booth.

I started to play a little on a baby grand Lyric and right away I found NO SOUND WHATSOEVER in the bass strings, completely dead strings. The salesman told me, oh yes, it needs some tuning! I asked them if it was a new grand piano, and they told me YES.  I told him that tuning will not solve that problem. Dead strings are dead strings, they need to be replaced. He then proceeded to ask me if I knew about pianos and admitted after I told him yes, that the strings were no good, but most people couldn’t hear it anyway! Then I gave them a business card.

The grand piano looked new, but I took a photo of the serial number (Samick made) and in my office I checked it and it turns out to be 1991, so 25 years old. They did a great job refurbishing the piano. But they are lying to me, so also to other customers I assume, about the age of the piano. The price was P650,0000 when I asked for it, which is a criminal price for a grand piano with all original parts and dead strings.

I don’t know why Philippines is not taking action against these practices, but I sure am mad on behalf of the people that buy these pianos believing the pianos are “new” or ” barely used” or whatever. I also see many pianos here in Manila, mainly Yamaha, with false serial numbers, even pianos that are not Yamaha with a Yamaha sticker on it.

Customer, please be aware of these things, ASK, ASK, ASK, don’t buy before you are convinced that what you are buying is REALLY what you are buying. I have all the proof to back up what I am stating here, come to and I will show you the pictures.




Posted on February 7th, 2018



February 2018 newsletter full of great news!  Our website is and we arePhilippine’s Piano Superstore located in Ronac Lifestyle Center, Paseo de Magallanes in Makati. Landline 02.801.3431 Local 401, Globe 0917.895.0011

YOU NEED TO KNOW: We have 2 huge concert grand pianos on display that are for sale;
1) A brand new Mason & Hamlin 9’4″ model CC (see picture) in our store, the largest production grand in the world and the unit is brand new and ready to try.
2) A slightly used Kawai 9′ model KG 8 in new shape that can be had for less than a 1/4 of the new price. Both of these grand pianos are suitable for any concert hall, church or large home. Come and check it out!
Good concert grands are a rear to find in the Philippines and if your institution needs one come and look before they are gone; both are settled for the climate here and will behave well so no problems in the future.
Announcement: August 3-13 there will be the first International Philippine Piano Masterclasses here in Manila. Students will come from all over the world, but Philippine piano students are invited. Maximum 24 participants. Send us an email for more details. 5 renowned teachers from all over the world will come to Manila to instruct. Sponsors are Manila Pianos, Belgium and Dutch Embassies, University of Santa Tomas and Makati Shangri-La.
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Size matters in a piano! 

We are hearing it all the time; what size upright or grand piano should I buy? Well, there are so many different sizes that we decided to write a blog about it. Click here for details.
Did you know that a 52″ high upright sounds much better than the same brand comparable “baby” grand piano? It is because the bass strings of a full upright are longer than the bass strings of a “baby” grand.
If you want to see all different sizes of pianos and grands click here.
We have all sizes of pianos and grands in our showroom, come and see them, for more info call or text to 0917.895.0011 or email us.
Look at the Mason & Hamlin we posted in the beginning of this newsletter, what a difference with a baby grand measuring only 5’0″ versus the 9’4″ which is almost double the size.
Get a new piano, we make it easy!
Manila Pianos Inc. Pearl River, our finest at PHP 169,000.00. Where can you find a brand new 115 cm high upright piano that sells at this price? Chosen as best piano in the world 2016-2017?  A Yamaha 108 cm made in Indonesia cost PHP 100,000 more for much less piano!
We are talking to a lot of people make the mistake to go to the internet and just look for a cheap Yamaha. They will find something in the price range of PHP 100,000 or more, to find out, usually too late, that the piano is 60-70 years old and just made to look acceptable with a false serial number pretending to be a newer model.
We here at Manila Pianos can assure you, a 45 inch piano of the quality of Pearl River is by far the best quality for money in the whole wide world, and you should come and try them out for yourself. A new piano at a used piano price. Now that’s smart business! Our prices here in Manila, including taxes, are less than in the USA! Here’s the USA site. And here’s the USA prices. Most sold piano in the world today!
A special harpsichord for the connosseur.
You really want to have a “different” piano? A piano that nobody in has? Come to our store now to check on this unique Johann Nicolaus BACH harpsichord, made by the famous builder Nicolaus Damm.
This unit is a true copy of the original that was made in 1531 and is now on display in the museum in Berlin, Germany.
Mr. Damm sold many of these to conservatoriums in Germany as well as the Conservatoire in Paris, France.
This is the only unit that is seasoned for the Asian climate and priced at only P999.000.00. This price is very, very low as compared to buying a similar unit in Europe or USA and shipping it here, without seasoning for the climate it will disintegrate very very soon anyway.
Your last chance to buy it, because Mr. Damm is retired. 2 different models available, see here. Call or email now!
Remember we also sell CONTENT church organs with or without pipes! Manila Pianos has them in stock.
Steinway & Sons…
Now is your time to buy a Steinway & Sons. We have an awesome selection of slightly used and rebuilt Steinways with all genuine Steinway parts and in NOW are the models S, M, O and B.
We are literally building these pianos from the ground up with all new certified Steinway parts and you will not be able to detect the difference from a new one, just the serial number.
Rebuilt Steinways are usually much better than new ones because of the high quality woods used in the earlier days, and the price is much better, for instance, a new Model S is 5.6M. A rebuilt looking like new is only 2.3M at Manila Pianos. (S model sold out but working on 1)
Call us for an appointment at 0917.895.0011 or just drop in and try them! We currently have 2 Steinways in our store and 5 in our warehouse. Click our inventory for more details.
These fine instruments are one of a kind only. They will never be available any more when sold unless we rebuild another one. The choice is clear, call us or visit us now.

Digital Pianos Manila

Posted on January 21st, 2018

Digital Pianos Manila

By MANILA PIANOS, Digital Pianos Manila made by Korg, the world’s best digital piano maker

PRK digital pianos are made by Pearl River, the world’s largest piano manufacturer. Incorporating high-quality Japanese sound-generating technology and keyboard mechanism, the new PRK line offers the first Chinese digital pianos in the mid-market sector. Models are PRK 80, PRK 300 and PRK 500.


Pearl River’s Japanese-made ‘Balance Design’ wooden cabinets enhance the sound as well as offering a stunning yet compact addition to any room environment. At the heart of the PRK piano lies the digital sound and keyboard technology from one of the highest-level designers and makers of electronic music instruments.


With over 60 years of piano manufacturing expertise, Pearl River is the largest piano manufacturer in the world. The PRK digital piano line is the result of collaboration with a leading Japanese manufacturer of professional electronic musical instruments offering a serious alternative for those seeking high quality at affordable prices.


The PRK-300 keyboard is a naturally weighted hammer (NH) action which reproduces the touch and feel of an acoustic piano. The PRK-300 has 30 voices with a maximum 120 polyphony to fully experience their depth of tone using enhanced stereo amplification. With over 60 years’ experience, Pearl River has used the wood crafting skills of its piano makers to unite the sound of an acoustic piano with digital stereo sound reproduction.


The PRK-300 has a modern, sleek, angular cabinet with three integral pedals. Full keyboard cover is available in luxurious black or white satin finishes with chrome colour pedals and fittings.


Dimensions: Width 140cm, height 78cm, depth 30cm.

January 2018 newsletter

Posted on January 5th, 2018

January 2018 newsletter

January 2018 newsletter full of great specials! Please share this newsletter with your musical friends! Just scroll to the bottom and click on one of the tags! Our website is and we are Philippine’s Piano Superstore located in Ronac Lifestyle Center, Paseo de Magallanes in Makati. New landline 02.801.3431 Local 401, Globe 0917.895.0011
PLEASE CHECK our Facebook page for specials, we have many, please add your review if you please.
NEWS: We are now reaching over 3000 people that are faithfully reading our newsletter, if you want, we can post your classical musical event in our newsletter for free; just send an email to Glen.
JANUARY PROMO: First 2 people to buy a grand piano receive a P50,000 discount, first 5 people to buy an upright piano receive a P20,000 discount! Hurry, these discounts are promo only and will not last! Come this weekend, no traffic, to our store to see our awesome collection of around 100 pianos in the showroom!
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Super good KORG electronic pianos are here! 

The new PRK 300 series digital pianos are made by Pearl River, the world’s largest piano manufacturer. Incorporating high-quality Japanese sound-generating technology and keyboard mechanism, the new PRK line offers the first Chinese digital pianos in the mid-market sector. Now priced at P 99,000.00 (was P 149,000.00)

Pearl River’s Japanese-made ‘Balance Design’ wooden cabinets enhance the sound as well as offering a stunning yet compact addition to any room environment. At the heart of the PRK piano lies the digital sound and keyboard technology from one of the highest-level designers and makers of electronic music instruments.
With over 60 years of piano manufacturing expertise, Pearl River is the largest piano manufacturer in the world. The PRK digital piano line is the result of collaboration with a leading Japanese manufacturer of professional electronic musical instruments offering a serious alternative for those seeking high quality at affordable prices. The PRK-300 keyboard is a naturally weighted hammer (NH) action which reproduces the touch and feel of an acoustic piano. The PRK-300 has 30 voices with a maximum 120 polyphony to fully experience their depth of tone using enhanced stereo amplification.
This year promise yourself you’ll make better use of your spare time and get a piano! Make your dreams happen!
Introducing this SAMICK special design Model 172, an excellent grand piano with a beautiful appearance. Lay in brass, you must see this!
Everyone can learn to play the piano. We can help you find a good teacher. and of course a good piano or grand piano.
We can also add a QRS self-player system to your grand piano that you can activate via your smart phone or iPad so it can play for you. Treat yourself, you deserve it! To know how easy it works click here.
We also have many upright pianos in our inventory this year. SAVE P 50,000 if you purchase a QRS self-player system in combination with a grand piano. For grand pianos click here. To share please this with your friends chose a button on the bottom of this newsletter.
A special gift for your church:
You really want to do something musical for your church, a gift to say “thank you”, a donation for another cause, or in memory of a loved one, consider giving a nice CONTENT church organ with or without pipes! Manila Pianos has them in stock, click here.
You know that it will last and makes a great impact on the musical experience for all worshippers. Great music is essential, too many churches take music for granted, be part of making it better.
Not only do we sell and install like the one on the picture, including pipes, we also train your organist with a great program for free, and we have great service!
The CONTENT organ factory builds the most reliable organs in the world, when I was organist in the Toronto Ontario / GTA area we got one in 1988 and it was still playing strong in 2013 when I left for Manila. Please go to the CONTENT website or share by clicking an icon on the bottom of this newsletter, post it on your Facebook page!
Steinway & Sons for sale!
Now is your time to buy a Steinway & Sons. We have an awesome selection of slightly used and rebuilt Steinwayswith all genuine Steinway parts, the models S, M, O and B including this stunning STEINWAY MODEL O (5’10”)
We are literally building these pianos from the ground up with all new certified Steinway parts and you will not be able to detect the difference from a new one, just the serial number and… the price. More than 50% off the new price.
Rebuilt Steinways are usually much better than new ones because of the high quality woods used in the earlier days, and the price is much better, for instance, a new Model S is 5.5M. Ours rebuilt is only 2.5M. Call us for an appointment at 0917.895.0011 or just drop in.
These fine instruments are one of a kind only. They are not mass produced and the same one will never be available any more when sold unless we rebuild another one just like it. The choice is clear, call us or visit us now. (02) 801.3431 x 401. To share go to the bottom of this newsletter!

Our October 2017 Piano and Organ newsletter

Posted on October 3rd, 2017

Our October 2017 Piano and Organ newsletter, please take the time to read it!

Our website is and we are Philippine’s Piano and Church Organ Superstore located in Ronac Lifestyle Center Paseo de Magallanes in Makati. Our landline 02.801.3431 local 401 or global 0917.895.0011.
We sell Yamaha, Steinway, Pearl River and Kawai pianos but also create and rebuild Steinway and Bosendorfer grand pianos custom to match.
We also represent CONTENT digital church organs, see picture, they now have organs in bamboo consoles, they are beautiful! Although mainly made for churches, they can easily fit in your house too.
We will buy your piano. If you have a Yamaha, Kawai, Young Chang, Samick, Steinway, Bosendorfer  send us and email with asking price.
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See also all our concerts on Facebook, You can use our beautiful concert facility for free for your concert, student event or recital, many people did and everyone is happy about this opportunity.
Water damaged pianos and grand pianos.
With the recent flooding in Texas, here is our take on water in pianos. If it is an upright piano, almost any level of flooding will be a total loss. The cost for restoration will exceed the market value, keep in mind a new piano costs only P 169,000.00 these days. Often, on water damaged pianos, the framework is structurally compromised to the point that any level of repair work could not be warranted.
For a grand piano, a critical point is when the flood waters reach the height of the keys. There are still likely questions about the value vs. the repair cost, but once the keys get wet, you’ve usually exceeded the value even in valuable instruments.

We’ve restored some pianos that survived floods, fires, animal attacks, insects, etc. Almost everything must be evaluated on a case by case basis, but the money makes the final determination. If a client holds sentimental value over and above the value, then the financial limits of what can be done goes a bit higher.

Reasons to buy from us.
We know a lot about pianos. We not only sell new pianos but also rebuild grand pianos from the ground up (see 9 foot Steinway picture).
We have almost every decent brand of piano in stock, from Steinway to Yamaha and Kawai, dozens of them.
We sell new pianos like Pearl River for less than 1/2 priceof Steinway Boutique selling their Essex (same piano) and Yamahas for less than 1/2 price Yupanco sells their Yamahas. Come and check for yourself.
We have our own packing and delivery service and our own technicians, so you can rest assured when you buy our piano you will get it delivered in one piece and the technical aspects are well taken care of.
We have a 5 star rating on Facebook, something we think no other piano company worldwide has after 75 reviews; it means you can buy from us with confidence.
You, teacher, student, concert pianist, singer, can use our concert facilities at no charge for your recital.
Whole container of NEW Pearl River Pianos now in! 
Black, White, Mahogany, small grands, big grands, uprights, we now have a full container new Pearl River in our show room.
If you were waiting for a super good selection, we have the Model 150, 165, 188 and uprights galore now in for your viewing!
Pearl River, chosen as best piano in the world by the world piano dealers 2015 and 2016, best prices of any pianos in the Philippines.
See our inventory here, call us at (02) 801.3431 x 401 or at 0917.895.0011 or email
From our rebuilding department… 
We have just finished a Steinway Model A, the most beautiful Steinway we have ever had! COME AND SEE THIS NOW.
It is fully Brazilian Rosewood flamed wood that will dazzle you if you like wood. The piano, a 6’1″, was originally made in 1886 and we have fully restored it with some 10,0000 new Steinway parts, for a price less than a new Steinway S!
We are also restoring a model S and Hamburg M and we have in stock models S, M, O, A, B, D  not only black satin but also black shiny and also in the most wonderful wood colors.
To make Steinway pianos as good or better than new again, we replace the pin block, install all new Steinway action, shim and fill the original sound board, refinish the outside, do the trapwork, put in new pins and custom made strings and change all velts as well as new damper velt, then regulate, voice and tune.
Fact: Rebuilt Steinways are much better than new ones because of the high quality woods used in the earlier days. The price is also much better, for instance, a new Model S is 5.5M plus, ours is only 2.5M. Our prices are less than half of the new Steinways, and super high quality.

The pianos are mostly in our show room. Check our entire Steinway inventory. All are more than 50% off the new price! Call us at (02) 801.3431 x 401, call 0917.829.0016 or email for info or go to our store to see for yourself, you will not regret the time spent. Open 10-6 every day.