Bosendorfer Piano for sale

Posted on July 5th, 2014

Bosendorfer Piano for sale model 170

Bosendorfer Baby Grand (5’6″) for sale, beautifully refinished inside and out, made 0riginally in 1898.  Visit our website for more info.

Bosendorfer redone

Beauty of sound cannot be measured in centimeters. Our 170 model, the smallest of Bösendorfer’s grand pianos, is specially designed for smaller living spaces – which means you can even enjoy the inimitably rich sound of a Bösendorfer at home.

A magical beginning, this piano was built in 1898 and has survived the test of time. This grand piano was found in a warehouse in Boston, USA and shipped to us for complete rebuilding. We decided to change the color to black with silver lines, which makes the piano look like a million bucks! The action is rocker and left the way it was. The cracks in the board are fixed and the bearing restored, then we had new pins and strings shipped in and we cannot believe the sound and feel on this stunning piano.

Small is relative. But what does small mean?

Our 170 model weighs 691 pounds and has dimensions of 146 x 170 centimeters. A formidable presence.

This piano is built by hand using the highest-quality materials. The sound quality in the bass, in particular, and the range of tonal colors are exceptional for a piano of this size. Its action allows the fastest of repetitions and it has a very precise playing feel.

Our 170 model is traditionally finished in highly polished black but can also be finished in a variety of veneers including bird’s eye maple, burl walnut, amboyna, rosewood, pyramid mahogany, pommele or any other desired finish.

And the most beautiful thing of all: it is “a Bösendorfer of grand pianos”.