carbon fiber piano action

Posted on June 7th, 2014

Carbon fiber piano action

Manila Pianos Inc. has tested Carbon fiber action, the new Mason & Hamlin money saver as I call it, or composite action, or plastic action.

Ok, my “wood versus plastic”  articles may be a little lob sided, but we have a MasonHamlin CC 9’4″ new in 2009, dormant for 1 year, then perfectly voiced and regulated, and here is what we found in 2012:

composite action Mason CC 3

A complete mess. Hammers up and down all over the place. We needed to buy special tools from Mason & Hamlin to fix this as normal tools don’t fit. Believe me, this is a true picture and here is another one:

These pictures were taken recently and believe me, this is not what we wanted to see. And we have very well climate controlled space! This Mason & Hamlin CC is a big investment for us and we didn’t want this kind of stuff to happen! Michael, our technician, is working on correcting this now. So, the whole write up about how “stable” plastic is, is, of course, a complete farce. And then there is this huge problem;

Every time we turn around the hammers (wood) are coming lose from the plastic shanks. Not one, no, 5-10 at the time. No wonder, wood expands and contracts, plastic doesn’t!

To me, the whole carbon fibre or, a better word, plastic, action is a no-no. We are rebuilding all kinds of Steinways, Bosendorfers and other pianos and you know what? We have never seen such a mess as a new carbon fiber action in the Mason & Hamlin CC.

In my opinion, they should stop producing plastic actions right now, it’s really only done because it’s ….. cheap to produce.

Oh yes, if it is so good, why don’t Steinway or Yamaha use it?

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