Church Organs by CONTENT Philippines Manila Cebu Davao

Posted on March 19th, 2017

Church Organs by CONTENT Philippines Manila Cebu Davao

Church Organs by CONTENT Philippines Manila Cebu Davao are imported by in Manila and distributed in the Philippines.

CONTENT organs are the most durable organs in the world because they are produced with all gold contacts sealed by plastic coatings reducing the influence of the weather to a minimum.

CONTENT presents Churches, Institutions, Conservatories, Music schools and private users a wide choice in digital classical organs. Over the decades innovation, quality and excellent craftsmanship with respect to tradition have created a strong brand image.

Many years of experience, a healthy balance sheet and a dedicated worldwide distributor network and trained employees are the backbone of the Content Organ Company.

Our organs meet the needs of the demanding organist on all continents of the globe and bring inspiration to musicians and listeners alike.

Our Invention Technology allows this sounds adequate and quality on a new level. The newly developed reverb allows at any time for the optimal experience from small house to big cathedral reverb.

As the first manufacturer CONTENT organs also allows you can move virtual in the space. A breakthrough! Finally, high-quality digital amplifiers, speaker system and an integrated 3D surround system guarantees an optimal reproduction of the sound.

CONTENT has now also in it’s line up the BAMBOO organ pictured here. This innovative organ is specially made for Asia. Call us at Manila Pianos at 02.801.3431 x 401 to discuss prices, options, pipe additions.