Digital Organs Manila Philippines

Posted on March 12th, 2017

Digital organs Manila Philippines

Digital organs Manila Philippines , we at Manila Pianos Inc. sell new pipe organs and digital church organs by CONTENT, these fantastic organs have been distributed all over the world for a long time, the quality of these instruments is fantastic and now we have the opportunity to purchase these instruments!


Give this beautiful instrument a new home.

Welcome to our website. We are the official importer for Content Organs into Philippines. Content is a super high quality built classical digital sampled organ built in the Netherlands. As a representative for Content Organs, we specialize in customized church organ installations.

We also offer home and study organs. All church and home organs on the CONTENT website are available.

We are well known for our reputation. We offer excellent prices and the best service. Our foundation is professional service and advice and our business is built on quality, which is the most important stop of the organ. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

CONTENT church organs of the Netherlands is  trying to use many years of experience of digital organs to set out the major factors you should consider when choosing the supplier and instrument, whether this is for home practice, church or concert hall use.

As with any purchase there is probably nothing more important than a recommendation from other happy customers and of course visiting the store’s own premises (or local retailer) to try the instruments.  Any reputable supplier will be happy to put you in touch with past customers, church and private so you can get a good opinion of their product and service.

Tonal quality will never a matter of personal judgment but is absolute, at CONTENT organs we have used the biggest memory chips money can buy, Philips technology.

Sound is personal and taste that can change.  Many instruments today offer the user a variety of sound palettes but CONTENT organs offer the greatest flexibility of individual voice choices without the need to refer back to the manufacturer or time consuming laptop manipulations of samples or physical models with the push of a button.

As well as offering the possibility of playing music on the sound pallet the composer originally intended , whether  French Romantic school on a Symphonic pallet, CONTENT organs provide the flexibility of choosing 4 different organs in 1 so if after time you are not fully happy with the sound you have you can make changes to suit varied repertoire.

You might expect this capability to be limited to more expensive instruments in other brand names, CONTENT has it from the lowest model to the most expensive one.

With church installations nothing can beat the experience of having done it successfully many times before. There is often a compromise to reach between the practical solution, the aesthetically best and the preferred for matters of sound distribution.  CONTENT makes all speaker systems custom to match.

In a financially fragile environment the biggest of businesses have been seen to fail. No one is immune from that risk. It isn’t easy to measure this risk but there has never been a more important time to question the stability of any supplier and future prospects. CONTENT is , unlike other Dutch firms that are pretending to , the most reliable Dutch manufacturer of church organs, it is the only one never to go broke.

CONTENT company, via Manila Pianos in Makati,  will provide you with all information and installation expertise if requested.

Please email us or call for appointment 02.801.3431 x 401 for all your church organ needs.