Manila Pianos newsletter February 2017

Posted on February 22nd, 2017

Manila Pianos newsletter February 2017
Manila Pianos newsletter February 2017. Welcome to our Feb/March 2017 e-newsletter full of great news!  Our website is and we arePhilippine’s Piano Superstore located in Ronac Lifestyle Center, Paseo de Magallanes in Makati. Landline 02.801.3431 Local 401, Globe 0917.895.0011
NEWS: We now have a brand new Mason & Hamlin 9’4″ model CC (see picture) in our store. It is THE LARGEST GRAND PIANO IN THE WORLD (regular production) and if you want to play it, you can email or call us to setup an appointment. 1/2 the price of a Steinway D and twice the sound and quality!
NEWS: Our new shipment of Steinway and Sons grand pianos and 1 Steinway upright has arrived, they are all in our warehouse for evaluation. Some are so awesome that you might want to reserve yours today.
FREE CONCERT SPACE: We have a special concert room with a superb grand piano right in our store. You can hold your own concert or student recital event with us at no charge!
FIND A GOOD PIANO TEACHER: Check for a certified teacher Piano Teachers Guild of the Philippines here.

Size matters in a piano! 

We are hearing it all the time; what size upright or grand piano should I buy? Well, there are so many different sizes that we decided to write a blog about it. Click here for details.
Did you know that a 52″ high upright sounds muc
Young Chang u 131

Young Chang u 131

h better than the same brand comparable “baby” grand piano? It is because the bass strings of a full upright are longer than the bass strings of a “baby” grand.
If you want to see all different sizes of pianos and grands click here.
We have mostly all sizes of pianos and grands in our showroom, come and see them, or for more info call or text to 0917.895.0011 or email us.
Get a piano, we make it easy!
Manila Piano’s finest at PHP 159,000.00. Where can you find a brand new 115 cm high upright piano that sells at this price? Chosen as best piano in the world 2016-2017?  A Yamaha 108 cm made in Indonesia cost PHP 100,000 more for much less piano!
We are seeing a lot of people make the mistake to go to the internet and just look for a cheap Yamaha. They will find something in the price range of PHP 150,000 or more, to find out, usually too late, that the piano is 60-70 years old and just made to look acceptable and the serial number changed to pretend to be a newer model.
We here at Manila Pianos can assure you, a 45 inch piano of the quality of Pearl River is by far the best quality for money in the whole wide world, and you should come and try them out for yourself. A new piano for a used piano’s price. Now that’s smart business! Our prices here in Manila, including taxes, are less than in the USA! Here’s the USA site. And here’s the USA prices.
A special Steinway piano has arrived (see pic):
You really want to have a “different” piano? A piano that nobody in Asia has? Come to our store now to reserve this magnificent STEINWAY & SONS Model K (54″) that was made in 1905.
We have worked on this magnificent piano for more than a year to restore it to its former glory. We have preserved the original sound board but made it with all new certified Steinway action parts.
The outside is Hand Rubbed Ebony, same as all Steinway concert grand pianos, but the outcome is nicer than any Steinway you can buy on the market today, the cabinet is thick wood that was dried for 40 years before creating the original piano.
This super exclusive piano, sounding and looking better than original, with 1 piece ivory keys, would cost you PHP 3.5M new in a simple cabinet that these days is not even wood any more. This one is available for PHP 1,695.000.00 hurry 1 only!
Remember we also sell CONTENT church organs with or without pipes! Manila Pianos has them in stock, click here to see some.