Piano Rebuilding Manila Philippines

Posted on March 11th, 2017

Piano Rebuilding Manila Philippines.

Piano Rebuilding Manila, Philippines and area? Come to  Manila Pianos Inc. We will rebuild it for you according to your specifications. We are specialists in rebuilding Steinway but also do lots of other grand pianos and uprights. When a piano is old and worn out and your tuner tells you ” I cannot tune this piano any more” you have to make a decision. You could restore your old upright or grand piano or you could purchase a different new or used grand piano.

It is our opinion that this decision should be based on 3 factors, namely:

  • Is my current  piano a good brand name
  • Will the piano be worth the money I put into it by the time the work is done
  • Is there enough “sentimental value” to rebuild the piano.

You must know that for less money than a restored piano, you can purchase a new one. These days, with pianos coming out of China that are really inexpensive to buy, you can actually purchase a new piano for less than a good restoration job.  You will spend anywhere from PHP 500,000 to 2M to rebuild or re manufacture your current Steinway & Sons or other piano !

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Some reasons to rebuild:

First, the basic construction of many older pianos like Steinway & Sons is so good that a new piano, even of the same make, is usually less well built.  Many manufacturers of new pianos are using inferior materials and workmanship.

Second, technology is available now to make your piano better than it was even when it was new.  By having your old piano restored by us you can be sure that your piano will have premium attention given to every aspect of the action regulation.

Third, when having your old Steinway & Sons grand piano restored you can specify the exact color of finish you want and even if your original ivories look so horrid you think they can’t be saved, they can probably be made to look splendid again. No need to settle for what you can find on the showroom floor at a music store.

Piano Rebuilding Manila, Steinway rebuilding, the differences.

At Manila Pianos Inc. we are striving to make it goal to have the largest selection of rebuilt used Steinway & Sons grand pianos in Asia.

Certain older Steinway & Sons pianos and grand pianos and upright pianos are excellent candidates for restoration.

Lately new high end grand pianos are very expensive. Steinway & Sons are very expensive and in our opinion as piano industry insiders, new Steinway & Sons grand pianos are not as well manufactured today as they were in the past.

As a consumer you could get a very good deal and a better piano if you purchased an older Steinway & Sons providing you know what to look for. If you don’t, our advice is to ask assistance from someone that knows. We also think it is very important to learn as much as you can before investing a large amount of money.

Problem areas to look out for

  • Most upright and grand pianos “look” good after they are “rebuilt” and sitting on a show room floor. The trouble is that most so called rebuilders are not  capable of doing a good job. Or they may simply be unwilling to do a comprehensive job because they want to sell the piano for a lower price. This can be easily achieved by replacing fewer parts and spending less money on labor and a piano is parts and labor, nothing else!
  • Another problem is that very few dealers and technicians have the capability, knowledge and/or the facilities to properly rebuild a grand piano. Most tuners and certainly almost all piano teachers do not know much about the workings of pianos at all!
  • We have heard horror stories about these pianos. In many cases the rebuilding has been done with poor materials and workmanship. Our advice is to stay away from these questionable pianos. When purchasing a rebuilt piano make sure you trust the workmanship and reputation of the rebuilder.
  • Also important is to ask what kind of quality parts were used to rebuild the piano. For example, a full set of RENNER hammers can cost upward of PHP 20,000 while a full set of low quality hammers, which look virtually the same, will cost only PHP 1,000 per set!

If you decide to restore your piano and you want us to do it, we will need to sit down and discuss the extensiveness of the process. We will try to clearly explain what we think should be done and why.