Samick Piano Manila

Posted on March 11th, 2015

Samick Piano Manila

Coming this month to our Manila Piano Store at 2248 Chino Roces in Makati, professional pianos 48, 50 and 52 inches straight from Korea, all the best pianos they made IN Korea between 1990 and 2000. We will have these pianos for sale in our store soon for P 119,000.00 including bench, warranty and local delivery! Or: 12 equal payments of P 11,206.00 or 24 equal payments of P 6,150.00 WOW

Choices are polished ebony and walnut, very nice different wood walnut colors and some with queen anne legs, straight legs and different kinds. Great pianos, that new would cost over P 300,000.00

Samick SU 300

Samick SU 300

New SAMICKS are made in Indonesia and these pianos are NOT as good as the ones made in Korea, of course.

Samick Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. also known as Samick), founded 1958, is one of the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturers and an owner of shares in several musical instrument manufacturing companies. They made nice high quality pianos for a while in Korea to compete with Young Chang and Yamaha. We only purchase THESE ORIGINAL HIGH QUALITY PIANOS.


PIN BLOCK: 15-ply laminated maple
TUNING PINS: nickel plated
STRINGS: made of Roslau music wire
PRESSURE BAR: nickel plated
HAMMERS: premium grade wool,”T” wired
KEYS: full length,balanced and weighted
ACTION: all maple with aluminum rail
SOUNDBOARD: all spruce surface tension
BRIDGES: hard rock maple
RIBS: spruce and notched into the liner
PLATE: dimensionally accurate V-pro
BACKPOSTS: 4 laminated hardwood
MIDDLE PEDAL: quiet play

Samick owns several manufacturers of pianos (for example Wm. Knabe & Co., Pramberger, Kohler & Campbell and Seiler), guitars (for example Greg Bennett Guitars and Silvertone) and other instruments and now produces pianos in Indonesia, very cheap labor and material cost, and not that great.

The original Made in Korea pianos, with the Korean (and sometimes Japanese) sign of excellence on the piano, CHECK FOR IT! are high quality elegant pianos with continental styling and all german parts. Regularly used in contemporary homes, churches, and schools. The strings of these pianos are designed longer than those of other pianos and give a deeper sound. The high-grade German Roslau Strings used ensure low tone variance.

These pianos are sold throughout the world bearing the Samick name. Samick is also the Worlds Largest Stencil and Contract Manufacturer, making pianos with different specifications for various other companies. Samick builds more than 200 models and configurations of pianos with model numbers and prices that are in a constant state of change.