Scam Pianos Philippines

Posted on February 9th, 2018

Scam Pianos Philippines.

Scam Pianos Philippines, there were some on display when I visited Greenbelt 3 last night, there was a piano booth at the entrance of Greenbelt 3 featuring grand and upright pianos and of course, as a piano enthusiast, I right away went to the booth.

I started to play a little on a baby grand Lyric and right away I found NO SOUND WHATSOEVER in the bass strings, completely dead strings. The salesman told me, oh yes, it needs some tuning! I asked them if it was a new grand piano, and they told me YES.  I told him that tuning will not solve that problem. Dead strings are dead strings, they need to be replaced. He then proceeded to ask me if I knew about pianos and admitted after I told him yes, that the strings were no good, but most people couldn’t hear it anyway! Then I gave them a business card.

The grand piano looked new, but I took a photo of the serial number (Samick made) and in my office I checked it and it turns out to be 1991, so 25 years old. They did a great job refurbishing the piano. But they are lying to me, so also to other customers I assume, about the age of the piano. The price was P650,0000 when I asked for it, which is a criminal price for a grand piano with all original parts and dead strings.

I don’t know why Philippines is not taking action against these practices, but I sure am mad on behalf of the people that buy these pianos believing the pianos are “new” or ” barely used” or whatever. I also see many pianos here in Manila, mainly Yamaha, with false serial numbers, even pianos that are not Yamaha with a Yamaha sticker on it.

Customer, please be aware of these things, ASK, ASK, ASK, don’t buy before you are convinced that what you are buying is REALLY what you are buying. I have all the proof to back up what I am stating here, come to and I will show you the pictures.