Seiler Pianos Manila

Posted on January 20th, 2015

Seiler Pianos Manila

Seiler Pianos Manila, more Information for the customer looking for a good piano and thinking the SEILER is still a German piano after the sales person tried to do a number on the customer to get more money than they should. These articles are word for word from Pianoforum.

Samick has been making Seiler pianos in their Indonesia factory and Indonesia-made Seiler pianos are available in China and Korea since earlier last year. For upright pianos, there are two series. GS series use the name “Johannes Seiler”, however the other series ED and all grand pianos use the name “Seiler” just like the Seiler made in German.According to the “piano book”, German-made Seiler pianos use different name “Eduard Seiler” for pianos with less expensive action. I assume this decision was made by the original Seiler owner to protect the Seiler brand. Do you think Samick did the right thing to use “Seiler” brand for Indonesia-made Seiler?
According to the Samick dealers in China, the ED series have the same design and material used by the German made Seiler, I wonder if it is so “close” to German made Seiler, who wants to spend 2 or 3 times more to buy German made Seiler?

For NY Steinway, since Samick now owns 33% of the Steinway stock and they could own up to 40% according to the standstill agreement. What’s the chance Samick could find some partners and becomes the majority owner of the Steinway? I heard the Essex piano production has been moved to the same Samick factory in Indonesia. If Samick is in control of Steinway in the future, could they put Steinway name on the Indonesia made pianos just like they did to the Seiler?

What is the ED series, do you mean “Eduard Seiler”? The “Eduard Seiler” *are* German made but have an imported action which is mounted into the piano in Kitzingen, Germany. And the price difference is not so huge. A complete German made Seiler, the 116 Primus, costs 8.350 Euro (12.075 US$). The same piano with an imported action would be the Eduard Seiler 116 Ritmo, which costs 6.990 Euro (10.100 US$). Aside from the different action those pianos are identical.
Click on the EDxxx pictures (ED series made in Indonesia), you will see the name on the fallboard is Seiler just like the ones made in Germany. The Grand piano 186EBHP (made in Indonesia) also use the name “Seiler”. GS series (made in Indonesia) do use the name “Johannes Seiler”, just like I said in my original post.I understand the difference between “Seiler” and “Eduard Seiler” and both are made in Germany. The point I am trying to make is that unlike the original Seiler owner, Samick doesn’t seem to care the brand name “Seiler” and is willing to use it on the Indonesia-made pianos.

By Looking at what Samick did to Seiler, I won’t be surprised if they put Steinway name on Indonesia-made pianos if they have the full control of the NY Steinway.