Sell Piano Philippines

Posted on October 11th, 2014

Sell Piano Philippines


Sell Piano Philippines, we at Manila Pianos Inc. are interested your upright or grand piano. In order to be successful, please have the following information ready or as much as you can, before emailing us or calling us at (02)553.7678

1) Have the brand name of the piano, we are most interested in good brand names and                totally not interested in no name pianos.piano sale

2) Have the serial number of the piano ready, you can find this here.

3) Look up the model and size of the piano ( Like Yamaha Model G 2)

4)  Know if it’s an upright or a grand piano

5) Have an asking price. You are the seller, you want to sell, you have to ask the price. Don’t      try to have us asses your piano for free and then post it for sale somewhere. That’s not            fair to us. Please be honest about your intentions, we are too.

6) Alternatively, you can also send us some pictures showing body, keys, hammers, sound          board, serial number, brand name.


If we come to a deal, we will pick up the piano and pay you with company check.