Steinway Piano Cebu

Posted on October 14th, 2014

Steinway Piano Cebu


Steinway Piano Cebu, delivery from Manila No Problem. Also, FREE flight with purchase.

Steinway Piano Philippines, we at ManilaPianos Inc. specialize in and we have many Steinway grand pianos, all are perfectly rebuilt with 300-500 hours of labor, all new genuine parts and original sound boards in order to preserve original tone. We have our own rebuilding center in paranaque where you can go and check what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Steinway C 7'5"

Steinway C

We supply the same warranty on used Steinway pianos as Steinway provides on their new grand pianos. The older Steinway pianos are much better than new ones, because the wood used was better and the wood is already cured. (see pic of Hamburg Steinway C 1889 sold in Manila) Therefore it is a good idea to rebuild versus purchasing a new one. It’s also less than half the price.

New pianos of any kind will have 10-15 years worth of curing problems, and Steinways as will as other high end pianos need work EVERY MONTH at least for the first 5 years before things get settled.

That, together with the priced difference, should make you at least look at used Steinways before you make up your mind to purchase a new one.

Used Steinways are half the price of a new one, and A LOT BETTER, providing the rebuilding job was done properly, including refinishing of cabinet.