Posted on August 26th, 2021


We have a great Yamaha – C7 Grand Piano in our store in mint condition available to be purchased for PHP 895.000.00 A new C7 at Yamaha will set you back PHP 2,795.000 and on this previously loved one the wood is already cured!

Done with decent polished ebony, preferred quality over most pianos you can purchase. This Yamaha Piano is unquestionably made in Japan. Utilized in recordings here in our store due to its glorious sound quality.

Yamaha grand pianos have acquired a worldwide standing as instruments of exceptional quality and worth. Prestigious for their smooth expressive reach, and for their solid exhibition over the long run, they assume a significant part in the performing expressions and music schooling. They are reliable among the pianos. Most enthusiastically suggested by piano tuner/professionals and a main selection of musicians at all levels, from one side of the planet to the other.

The Yamaha reputation lays on a very long term custom of firm consideration and craftsmanship, upheld by an unequaled scope of incorporated aptitude, first in class creation facilities, and an astoundingly gifted, knowledgeable and devoted labor force. Our solidarity in the full scope of important advances permits us to create essentially all aspects of each piano ourselves – a methodology that has assisted us with starting huge advances and set what has for quite some time been perceived as the business standard in quality control.

An open exchange with proficient performers creates priceless input that, related to refined research offices, has prompted ceaseless advances in each new age of Yamaha pianos. Our worldwide network offers Yamaha clients extra benefits, from cost-productive local assembling to the prepared accessibility of deals and backing all through the greater part of the world.

Adjusting state of the art innovation and development with the remarkable abilities of master craftsmen, Yamaha pianos have come to address an unparalleled norm of reasonable greatness. It is a standard that keeps on producing ever-higher praise and settle on Yamaha great pianos the best option of a large number of the world’s greatest musicians.

A success of ageless artistry and technical sophistication.

The present G Series grands likewise consolidate the entirety of the quality development highlights found in earlier G Series models.

Edges are framed from layers of exclusive woods, covered into shape in unique presses, then, at that point prepared to permit the wood to balance out. Solid back posts are participated in a radial design and fitted to the edge utilizing outstandingly solid and stable dovetail joints, upgrading both the pianos toughness and the uprightness of the acoustic chamber.

Iron plates, the interior frame of the piano, are projected in a vacuum shaping cycle that basically disposes of defects and flaws, then, at that point joined with a movable mounting framework that permits exact command over string down bearing – basic for the best apparent exhibition. A metal tone collector associates the back presents on the plate, reflecting sound energy back through the case for a more full, more supported reverberation.

Soundboards are created from select clear spruce and cured in a restrictive cycle that guarantees a solid, natural crown. This is additionally built up with full-length spruce ribs, safely mortised and glued into the inner rim. Bridges are framed from fine-grained hardwoods picked for ideal sound transmission, and unequivocally scored and glued to convey the strings.

Created from special steel and pure copper wire, strings are introduced with the guide of unique tool for steady, in any event, tensioning. Duplex scaling, which tunes non-‘talking’ lengths of the strings, advances essential tones with corresponding sounds.

Pinblocks, where the tuning pins are set, are produced using layers of thick hardwoods, fortified in an interaction that seals against variation of humidity. The actual pins are machine cut, as opposed to roll-squeezed, threads, to guarantee the best hold in the pinblock, and are nickel plated to oppose corrosion. Along with the respectability of primary segments, these provisions help to give Yamaha pianos an extraordinarily undeniable degree of tuning dependability, guaranteeing better strong among tunings and requiring negligible standard support.

The incredible Yamaha action mechanism is built to precise tolerance on aluminum alloy rails – unaffected by changes in temperature or moisture – for eminent reaction, fast reiteration and long difficult situations free playing pleasure. Intended for each model, hammers are produced using top-quality felt, glued and T-fastened to hardwood heads and shanks, profiled to coordinate with the attributes of each model. Matched with key sets cut from strong spruce blocks are fitted with sturdy hardwood key buttons, faced with ideal material surfaces, and definitely balanced and laser-evened out for uniform travel and reaction.

Yamaha piano cabinetry is planned and developed for long-lasting magnificence, with a multi-layer polyester or lacquer finish that gives greatest protection against wear, sun, heat, spills and moisture. All fittings, including strong brass pedals and casters, are designed for both excellence and functionality, with extraordinary defensive elements like delicate close fallboards and lid prop security stops. Finally, every Yamaha piano goes through exceptionally thorough preparatory procedures. Talented professional tuners, ‘voice’ and regulates each instrument more than once throughout the span of development, helped by a ‘mechanical piano player’ that plays every keys hundreds of times, enabling the strings and action components to normalize between these procedures.


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