Yamaha Piano Manila Philippines

Posted on March 11th, 2017

Yamaha Piano Manila Philippines

Yamaha C and Yamaha G Grand Pianos: The difference. By Manila Pianos, 02.801.3431.

Yamaha C and Yamaha G Grand Pianos; We at Manila Pianos Inc. import used pianos from Japan. Many people over the years have asked me what the differences are between a C and a G series Grand Piano,  and I am really at a loss. All I can say is that overall I find the sound of G series more pleasing to my ear because they are somewhat more ” merlot” sound than the “cabernet” C series.

Although some more opinionated pianists may disagree, regardless of it being a “G” or a “C” model, Yamaha Grand Pianos are still a higher end Asian piano (as opposed to a Samick, or Young Chang, both owned by Korean companies)

We have  worked on many “G” series

ManilaPianos Inc.

Yamaha C series.

as well as several “C” series, although I not 100 percent sure what the technical difference is if any, (I was once told “C” stood for “Conservatory” series, but Yamaha makes a newer “C” series that isn’t necessarily a conservatory line), but G’s are plenty nice. seriously.

Check it out in our store and let your fingers and ears be the judge. we have them side by side, no matter what your teacher or technician tells you, give both of them a look-over before buying.

Anyone out there that can fill me in ab out the difference? You are welcome to email me? I’ve been in the business for 25 years and I still don’t know the big difference. I hereby invite and will post  your comments for sure.