Kawai Grand Piano Philippines

Posted on September 7th, 2014

kawai ca 40

KAWAI Grand Pianos were great pianos until they started to use carbon fiber (plastic) actions. In my opinion the NX, KG and GS series are better than new ones because of the real wood actions used.

The story Kawai uses to tell people about the carbon fiber actions being so good might be true on one side, however the live materials used like felts, glue and other components are expanding and contracting with the changes in humidity. This problem you will not find in the wood actions. Then there is the parts themselves.

We at Manila Pianos are importing older but completely refinished Kawai upright and grand pianos, from Japan, with the correct serial numbers, and we sell them also with the correct serial numbers. There are many many pianos out there sold by certain individuals, and we also have samples, that have falsified serial numbers, these are sold by so called “legitimate” piano dealers with false serial numbers. The dealers know this, but will not tell you. Be careful when a deal sounds “too good to be true”. It usually is.

If something breaks, and plastic does break often, you will have to go to Kawai to get this part because no one has it in stock, do you really want to wait?

Wood parts are found in every technicians’s tool kit. We at Manila Pianos Inc did a complete study of Mason & Hamlin carbon fiber actions and we are not impressed. Hammers keep falling off!

Anyone reading this is welcome to send me their opinion, and it will be posted, this stuff is great for the consumer.